A Note About Buying Tires Online:

We are happy to offer TireBuyer.com as an online tire source. It is important to know that when you purchase through Tire Buyer you are not buying directly from Burnett Automotive, however we are an authorized installer for them.

All tires purchased online carry the manufacturer’s warranty only. The installation fees do not include free rotation or lifetime balancing. All tires purchased within one of our 8 convenient locations receive our “After The Sale Tire Warranty” and are available for free rotation and lifetime balancing. See salesperson for specific information.

Internet purchasing is not for everyone. In our stores, we strive to provide you with the best overall tire buying experience. While you might find a competitive online price, there are many factors to determine with tire selection. Online tire purchases carry only the manufacturer’s warranty. All tires purchased within our locations receive the benefits of our “After The Sale Tire Warranty” a feature that you may want to consider in addition to the manufacturer’s warranty. We also offer expert pre-purchase advice on correct fitment, tread patterns, traction and performance characteristics on the best tire for your driving conditions. Mileage warranties can be misleading, as a lower or higher mileage warranty tire may not offer the traction or performance capabilities you require for your driving habits. Burnett Automotive offers all tire brands with over 10,000 tires in inventory for same day installation at our locations.

Benefits of buying “online”:

  1.  Price
  2. Broad Selection

Benefits of making your “in store” purchase at one of our convenient locations:

  1. Inventory available to install today.
  2. Competitive pricing with expert assistance.
  3. Nationwide warranty for Free Rotation for all Goodyear, Dunlop and Kelly tires in store only.
  4. Nationwide warranty for Road Hazard and Tire Repair (available for purchase) in store only.
  5. Nationwide warranty for Free Lifetime Balance on all tires available in store only.
  6. Free rotation at Burnett Automotive for ALL tire brands sold in store only.
  7. Free Alignment check only on all tire purchases in store only (adjustments are extra if necessary).